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Delivery Analytics

Modern BI platforms that seamlessly integrate with your existing technology

Interpret and use real-time data to drive informed decision making across your City departments.

Empower your teams with data.

DA's Business Intelligence and Analytics layers data into live visualizations and real-time metrics. It instantaneously updates on any device to power decision-making at every level across the organization.

Make impactful decisions

Break down data silos and share insights inside and outside your organization.

Collaborate and take action.

The information needed to drive urgency, action, and a clear cadence of accountability.

Inspire data storytelling.

Create curated data stories to share content and insights through a connected narrative.

Platform Features

Unified Data Sources

Biased towards action, designed with readily available data, and distilled to key takeaways for teams on the ground. Bring all your data across sources together into one unified view, so everyone can see the full picture with a trusted source of data.


Self-service data

A broad range of users discover data, no matter where it resides: a data lake, a cloud data warehouse, business intelligence or data science.

Data science

Analyzes all your data with data science best practices. Easily manages your models and puts them into production to predict insights and guide your business.


On-the-spot data collaboration with fully-integrated productivity tools break down silos. This enables seamless collaboration with chat, tag, notifications  and multi-format sharing.


Surface intelligent recommendations — making it seamless for users to use data accurately and compliantly. Understanding natural language search makes the intelligence accessible to an even wider range of users.

Case Studies

Combating Opioid Overdoses

Paterson, New Jersey has seen more than 1,700 annual opioid overdoses in recent years, and many residents experiencing opioid-use disorder struggle to access timely support. Like many cities in the United States struggling with an opioid epidemic, Paterson has made the issue a top priority and is working to develop data-informed strategies to provide real-time medical responses and place-based interventions to mitigate the factors that make opioid users more likely to overdose in the first place.

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Housing & Utility Dashboard

Knoxville, Tennessee monitored housing and utility instability to proactively coordinate aid to vulnerable populations.

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