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Springfield, IL

Jim Langfelder
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Improved communications with residents through a School District COVID-19 dashboard

Springfield District School wanted to increase their capacity to monitor spread at schools and communicate more transparently with parents to ease concerns about sending students back to in-person learning.

  • Worked with the city school district team to implement an analytics tool to support each one of their 39 public schools to collect and manage data to make better decisions about opening/closing. 

The COVID-19 dashboard was made public to keep parents and residents informed and build trust

If parents trust the system they will send their children back to school

said Mayor Langfelder.

“Now any parent can log into our website and look at this data. We’re very excited about launching this new tool! We can’t say enough about the working relationship we have with the data track team. They have been so instrumental in transforming our relationship with this data”.

Jennifer Gill, School Superintendent.

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