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Digital Tools for US cities

Fully-optimized digital solutions for the public sector

Our digital services are rooted in a deep understanding of how cities function—and what they need to drive effective, equitable, evidence-based programs and policies. We develop best-in-class technology anchored by a deep commitment to the people whose lives it impacts.


U.S. population live in cities
Source: www.census.gov

The best digital tools are the ones useful to its people. We build practical products that support public servants and leaders working towards ambitious goals.

Whether it’s building a custom tool or improving the one you already have, we help you navigate Government Technology

Digital Readiness
Rapid learning and iteration to build tools for governments, residents, and social impact organizations.

We take a simple approach allowing governments to expand their digital capabilities and leveraging their own technology to perform analysis faster.

Customised Solutions
Digital knowledge management tools accelerate learning and amplify impact.

We provide iterative and agile product development focused on your city needs, through scaling solutions across governments, large organizations, and the global public sector.

Case Studies

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Youngstown COVID-19 Dashboard

Youngstown, Ohio improved resident outreach to share information and public health guidance quickly
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Southbend Residents Platform

South Bend, Indiana created a joint city-county task force, informed by data and dedicated to vaccine equity, to improve vaccination delivery, especially among Black and Hispanic communities, while improving transparency and accountability to the public at large.
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